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Our October Women In Translation Book Club Book! Book in to join us for a virtual discussion on Monday 19th October- reserve a free spot here.

One of the first books published by new publishing house V&Q books, dedicated to bringing remarkable writing from Germany to more readers.

Lucy Fricke's Daughters, translated by Sinead Crowe.

 We knew we had to read this road trip novel when we came across this quote from it:

"'So what are we going for here?' I asked. 'Thelma and Louise?'

'They were young, sexy and downtrodden,' Martha said. 'Look at us, we're not even downtrodden.'

I tried again. 'Why We Took The Car?'

'They were teenage boys. We're premenopausal women. I don't quite see the comparison.'"

Lucy Fricke
's Daughters tells the story of two women either side of forty on a road trip across Europe, each of them dealing with difficult fathers along the way. A bestseller and booksellers favourite in Germany, Daughters evokes laughter and tears by way of life and death, friendship and family.

Tranlated by Sinead Crowe.

Published 25/08/2020
Paperback | 208 pages