Disturbing the Body (pre-order)

Disturbing the Body (pre-order)

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PUBLISHED 23 MARCH 2021 Ed. Nici West Join us for the launch!

A subversive new anthology of speculative memoir about misbehaving bodies.

From illness to major medical operations, child-bearing to pain and chronic illness to
disability, Disturbing the Body sets out to explore the many ways women feel powerless and at odds with their own bodies. In a dozen stories reflecting memoir, experience and body horror, this is an anthology full of heart that is not for the faint-hearted.

Introductions by Verity Holloway & Louise Kenward

Verity Holloway
Natasha Kindred
Lauren Brown
Nina K. Fellows
Abi Hynes
Marion Michell
Louise Kenward
Chikodili Emelumadu
Laura Elliott
Beverley Butcher
Jane Hartshorn
Irenosen Okojie

Each piece is deeply personal, seeking the subversion of traditional memoir in search of the myriad truths about the physical self. Raw, powerful and often dreamlike in nature, these remarkable stories are unflinching as they reflect complex experiences of women's bodies.

The eagerly awaited follow-up to Boudicca Press’ successful first book Disturbing the Beast, a collection of weird fiction by writers such as Kirsty Logan, Rosie Garland and more.