Indie Press Magic

We LOVE indie presses and if you love books then you do too, you just might not know it yet!

Small presses don't get half the credit or the exposure they are due. Independent presses so often punch well above their weight - they are the creative engine of our industry, taking risks, finding and publishing emerging or maginalised voices, developing writers. They curate brilliant lists and they get to know us bookshops, letting us know about the prefect books for us, books that might otherwise slip under the radar.

Our favourite indie presses, bringing you astonishingly good fiction include Comma Press, Fitzcarraldo Editions, And Other Stories, Jacaranda Books, Tilted Axis, Oneworld, Charco Press, Peepal Tree, Silver Press, Canongate The Indigo Press, and Salt. A great way to make new fiction discoveries is through the Republic Of Consciousness Prize!

On the nonfiction front we love Pluto, Verso, Saqi, Fitzcarraldo Editions, Monstrous Regiment, Sandstone, Oneworld PM Press, Canongate, Notting Hill Editions, Birlinn Books, Granta, 3 of Cups and Faber

And there are of course many many more! Find our which small presses made the Longlist at this year's Bookseller Awards (where we are a finalist for Bookshop of the year!) - you'll recognize many of the names from our own favourites!

(Caveat, please be wary of some publishing by Chelsea Green, who are on the longlist, though they have some great nature writing their publishing this year included Covid conspiracy theories and hugely damaging pseudo-scientific writing on autism)