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An Archive of Happiness

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‘An Archive of Happiness is a beautifully weaved together novel that carries within its daring structure the real sense of a family who are struggling and striving to live their truest selves.’ -Helen McClory

An Archive of Happiness is set in the Scottish Highlands over the course of one day during the Avens family’s annual get-together. It’s the summer solstice and theirs is a fractured family, broken by arguments, by things said and not said, by a mother who has left and a father who was left behind. What happens on this day will force them to cleave together to survive and redraw the traditional bonds of family.

Elizabeth Reeder is originally from Chicago and lives in Scotland. Her stories and experimental essays are widely published and broadcast. Her first novel, Ramshackle, was shortlisted for a number of awards including a Saltire Literary Award. She’s a MacDowell Fellow and a senior lecturer in Creative Writing at University of Glasgow.

To celebrate the book’s launch, Reeder will be hosting a Twitter livestream from @PennedintheM at 7pm on 15 September. We’ll also be releasing some original content for Lighthouse Life Raft’s autumn line up!

Published 15/09/2020 in United Kingdom
Paperback | 300 pages