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Bi: The Hidden Culture, History & Science of Bisexuality with Julia Shaw

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Dr Julia Shaw & Hannah Lavery

Significant strides have been made in recent years in the movement for LGBTQ+ rights, visibility and empowerment, but the conversation is far from over.

Bisexuality is the largest sexual minority in the world and the least well understood. Julia Shaw wants to change that.

After years of feeling this crushing dearth of information, Julia decided to do something about it. Drawing on her experience as a psychological scientist and her own bisexual identity, Shaw explores all that we know about bisexuality - from the hunt for a bi gene, to asylum seekers who need to prove their bisexuality in a court of law and much more. Bi is a rigorous and fun book that will challenge us to think deeper about who we are and how we love.

“A lively rollercoaster ride through all things bisexual. Full of fascinating facts, up-to-date stats, pop culture references and thoughtful analysis, the book covers everything from bi animals to political scandals, from exclusions in queer spaces to threesomes. Julia writes eloquently and engagingly, sharing moments from her own journey along the way. A must-have for every queer bookcase” - MEG-JOHN BARKER, author of Queer: A Graphic History

Endlessly illuminating, challenging and compelling. Bi is a vivid and vital read’ – MUSA OKWONGA, author and co-host of the Stadio Podcast

Dr Julia Shaw is a criminal psychologist at University College London, and part of Queer Politics at Princeton University which works for LGBT+ equality, democracy and civil rights. She is actively involved in bisexual research, and is the founder of the international Bisexual Research Group. Dr Shaw also has a hit BBC podcast with Sofie Hagen called Bad People. She is the author of The Memory Illusion and the bestselling Making Evil.

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