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Bisexual Men Exist: An evening with Vaneet Mehta

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Vaneet Mehta

Join in celebrating the arrival of a much needed, and already very well-loved, addition to understanding of queer diversity, inclusivity and intersectionality!

Vaneet Mehta is an LGBTQ+ activist and the founder of the #BisexualMenExist hashtag. We're over the moon to welcome Vaneet to the shop to chat about community, representation, the breaking down of stereotypes and much more!

About the book:

“You’re just being greedy.” “Are you sure you’re not gay?” “Pick a side.”

Being a bisexual man isn’t easy – something Vaneet Mehta knows all too well. After spending more than a decade figuring out his identity, Vaneet’s coming out was met with questioning, ridicule and erasure. This experience inspired Vaneet to create the viral #BisexualMenExist campaign, combatting the hate and scepticism m-spec (multi-gender attracted spectrum) men encounter, and helping others who felt similarly alone and trapped.

This powerful book is an extension of that fight. Navigating a range of topics, including coming out, dating, relationships and health, Vaneet shares his own lived experience as well as personal stories from others in the community to help validate and uplift other bisexual men. Discussing the treatment of m-spec men in LGBTQ+ places, breaking down stereotypes and highlighting the importance of representation and education, this empowering book is a rallying call for m-spec men everywhere.

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