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Colonised Minds: Akira O'Connor & Erin Robbins on the Narratives that Shape Psychology

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Akira O'Connor & Erin Robbins

Psychology, as it is taught in the Global North, strives to be an objective science beyond reproach – but what happens when we examine the discipline critically, through an anti-colonial lens?

Akira O'Connor & Erin Robbins join us to discuss their tremendous new book, Colonised Minds, which illuminates the historical power structures that shaped the discipline, and examines the extent to which psychology today continues to uphold oppression.

The book directs the reader to critical, antiracist, and feminist approaches for the field and the modern university more generally – looking to voices and perspectives that have been marginalised for ways to rethink the way we see, and teach, psychology.

Our speakers will share insights from 8 fascinating chapters that cover topics such as eugenics, segregation, Mental Illness and Marginalisation, psychology's problem with race, and with women, universities, brains and technology and so much more.

Our Speakers:

Akira O’Connor is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and the Institutional Race Equality Charter Chair at the University of St Andrews. Erin Robbins is a Lecturer in Psychology and the Director of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for the School of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews.

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