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Female Fortune: Exploring Anne Lister's diaries with Jill Liddington

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Jill Liddington & Stef Lauer

This event will appear LIVE, in the image box above at 7pm. More details on how to watch the live video HERE.

Gentleman Jack fans, REJOICE! We're thrilled to be celebrating a new edition of Female Fortune - the classic book of Anne Lister's diaries that inspired the award winning show - with author Jill Liddington.

And to host us in our (virtual) celebrations of this tremendous book, we have the wondrous Stef Lauer, from Edinburgh's own Anne Lister tours!

First published in 1998, Female Fortune introduced readers to lesbian landowner Anne Lister, who inherited Shibden Hall in 1826. She was an impressive scholar, fearless traveller and successful businesswoman, even developing her own coalmines. She was politically active and socially very ambitious.

Through the book, Liddington tells the story of how Anne Lister wooed and seduced neighbouring heiress Ann Walker, who moved in to live with Anne and her family in 1834. The 2022 edition includes a fascinating Afterword on the recent discovery of Ann Walker's own diary.

The book is essential reading for those who watched Gentleman Jack, and anyone who wants to know more about the extraordinary woman that was Anne Lister.

Our virtual event will include a talk by Jill Liddington, a discussion with Stef, and an opportunity for audience questions, so do be lively in the chat!

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