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Fighting Transphobia: a practical and theoretical guide: with rs21 Edinburgh


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Charlotte Powell & Leslie Cunningham

This pamphlet was written in the context of the rising transphobia in Britain in 2023. It originally started it as a practical guide to tackling transphobia in trade union spaces, which many of us in rs21 have personal experience of.

But as we wrote and met to discuss the pieces, we started to feel that it was wrong to separate the practical and the theoretical.

So we want this pamphlet to form part of a space in which to discuss the fight against transphobia today.  As well as providing a theoretical basis for the fight, we share practical experiences and lessons we’ve learned doing this ourselves.

About our speakers:

Charlotte Powell is a member of rs21, is one of the pamphlet authors, and is active in trans strike delegations.

Leslie Cunningham is also a member of rs21, is a local trans activist, a member of Resisting Transphobia in Edinburgh, and a member of the Unite LGBT+ Scotland committee (attending in a personal capacity).

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