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Gay Aliens and Queer Folk : Emily Garside on how Russell T Davies Changed TV

25.09.2023 : 20:00 - 21:00
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Emily Garside

Nerds! Gays! ASSEMBLE!

We are psyched to welcome the formidable Emily Garside back to the bookshop (in virtual form) to launch another delectable pop culture book - last time she took on Schitt's Creek and now it's the many realms and talents of Russell T Davies. So, keep your slippers on, and settle into the couch as we bring this particular book launch to a screen near you (literally, in your home).

The television writing of Russell T Davies defies easy categorisation, ranging from children’s programmes, across Shakespeare, historical drama and comedy, to the landmark series that have made him a household name: Queer As Folk, Doctor Who and It’s a Sin.

Gay Aliens and Queer Folk takes a deep dive into the queer narratives Russell T Davies has brought to our screens, exploring how each work created new space for LGBTQ+ stories to enter our living rooms and looking at their impact on the people who saw themselves reflected on mainstream television, often for the first time.

Covering Russell T Davies’ career from his earliest work to his highly anticipated return to the TARDIS for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, and highlighting key themes such as politics, sex, AIDS and the role of Wales in his writing, Emily Garside reveals how Davies broke down barriers, showing gay characters unapologetically living their lives to the full and celebrating the complexity and joy of queer identities.

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