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Elly Darrah

This event is in-person only (and will not livestreamed).

All revenue from tickets goes to Elly & Hitomi to help cover the costs of running the session, all reading material is provided for free.

(This means tickets cannot be used as vouchers for this event)

Join local Japanese tutors Elly Darrah (Ippo Ippo Japanese) for a relaxed evening of reading in Japanese.

This event is suitable for beginners to advanced learners, though we recommend that you can read at least basic hiragana.

You don't have to have attended the previous event - this is a drop-in book club, meaning you can join as often (or seldom) as you like. There's also no reading prep/homework!

The Japanese Book Club will follow the 多読 (tadoku) approach, which focuses on enjoyment of reading. Tadoku is based on four golden rules: 1. Start from scratch: begin with easy books you can enjoy without translating. 2. Don’t use a dictionary. 3. Skip over difficult words, phrases and passages. 4. When the going gets tough, quit the book and pick up another. Find out more HERE.

We will provide books to read, so all you need to bring is yourself! Although tadoku can be applied to any kind of reading, tadoku books tend to be nice and short, with pictures to help you follow the story.

During the book club, you will have the chance to share what you have read with other participants and/or the event hosts (in either Japanese or English), though you are more than welcome to just use the time for quiet reading. If you have any questions about Japanese, we can also help answer these.


This event will take place in person only (click here to view shop accessibility FAQ). Masks will be required (bar exemptions).

If there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to take part in this event, please let us know when booking or get in touch via elly[at]ippoippojapanese.co.uk

Previous Event Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the Tadoku Taster! The class was really fun and interactive, I felt really comfortable even as a beginner.” –Sarah

“The Tadoku Taster was an enjoyable introduction to a new tool for improving my Japanese. It's hard to find Japanese reading material at beginner's level so this was a pleasant surprise. Elly and Hitomi-san are positive and encouraging.” –Holly

“The Tadoku Taster was a great way to learn about Tadoku. It made me realise that I could start using the limited Japanese knowledge I have already by reading short stories. I can'wait to go through more books!” –Jack Event


Elly Darrah is an independent Japanese tutor, translator and proofreader originally hailing from East Lothian but nowadays based in Edinburgh. Through their work as an educator, Elly seeks to create a fun, supportive space for anyone learning the wonderful Japanese language. As an autistic nonbinary person, they are also keen to create spaces that are welcoming to other queer, neurodivergent and disabled people.

Due to other commitments, Hitomi-san will not be joining us for this month's event.

Hitomi Kobayashi is an independent Japanese tutor who specialises in helping students learn Japanese in an enjoyable, authentic, and autonomous way. Originally from Japan, Hitomi has 20+ years of experience in teaching Japanese and researching learner autonomy in higher education, as well as in training teachers of Japanese. Since moving to Edinburgh, Hitomi has been keeping herself busy with running her accessory brand Wee Joys as well as hosting Japanese events with Elly. A keen gardener, she has recently been enjoying tadoku for herself through Monty Don’s Down to Earth. Hitomi is a published author of several works, including Kumamoto, a book designed specially for tadoku.

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