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Launching In Wolf's Skin: Poetry by Titilayo Farukuoye

Featured Speakers

Titilayo Faruokuoye, Etzali Hernández & Brenda Vengesa.

Join us to celebrate In Wolf’s Skin - a poetry pamphlet by Titilayo Farukuoye, edited by Anthony Vahni Capildeo and published by the bril Stewed Rhubarb Press!

In Wolf’s Skin speaks to finding self, resistance and community amidst realities of structural oppression and colonial violence. These are love poems to marginalised communities and allies, a voice raised fiercely for collective liberation.

Contemplating power and heritage, In Wolf’s Skin offers a means to articulate the realities of our colonial legacies. This pamphlet is a memorandum of strength, fierceness and love, speaking to the importance of taking a chance at standing for a world you want to live in.

This pamphlet weaves heritage, culture and language across central and northern Europe from Scotland, Austria and Norway reaching to West Africa, namely Nigeria and Cameroon providing space for multilingualism, multi-tradition and -heritage lives, identities and forms of being beyond any expected norm.

This event will be hosted by Lighthouse own, the poet JJ Fadaka with supporting acts from Etzali Hernández and Brenda Vengesa.

Etzali Hernández is a nonbinary Latinx poet, coder, and DJ. Their work has been published in various publications, including the 2022 Mixtape: Writers of Colour Audio Anthology, Ascend Magazine, Poetry and Settled Status for All, We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology and Ceremony. They have also curated several projects, such as the Queer Disabled Loss, Mourning and Memorialisation podcast and the Sore Loser Queer Disabled Grief zine with Sandra Alland for Disability Arts Online, and the Grief Offerings: (End of) Life Wishes project, which was an audio and transcribed conversation with Emilia Beatriz and Sandra Alland for the care, resistance, joy programme by rubhaba gallery. In 2022, Etzali's first poetry pamphlet, 'from murky waters, we rise', was published by Forest Publications.

Brenda Vengesa has worked in the Accounting and Finance sector for over 10 years. She is currently working full time whilst working on her first novel and poetry collection. Brenda has also worked onstage where she has performed in amateur musical theatre as well as an extra in movies.

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