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Mick Lynch : The Making of a Working-Class Hero with Gregor Gall

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Gregor Gall

In the summer of 2022, the little-known leader of a small union became a 'working-class hero'. Facing down media pundits who thought they could walk all over him, he offered a robust critique of the government and provided workers with an authentic voice.

At a time when the Labour Party was unable to articulate a credible alternative to the Tories, Mick Lynch spoke for the working class. Where did Lynch come from? How did he develop the skills and traits that make him such an effective spokesperson and leader? Gall's book, the first biography of Lynch, explores his family and social background and his rise to the top of the RMT union, which culminated in election as General Secretary in 2021.

Considering his persona and politics, this book asks what quality singles out Lynch as a working-class hero compared to other union leaders and, more broadly, what leadership means for working people and for the left. Gall makes the case that if we want better leaders at every level, the case of Mick Lynch holds the key.

Gregor Gall is Visiting Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Leeds and author of Bob Crow: Socialist, leader, fighter and The punk rock politics of Joe Strummer .

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