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My Fourth Time, We Drowned : Sally Hayden on the World's Deadliest Migration Route

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Sally Hayden & Noor Hemani

*This event is online only as Sally has been unable to travel due to covid*

In My Fourth Time, We Drowned journalist Sally Hayden follows the shocking experiences of refugees seeking sanctuary, but it also surveys the bigger picture:

the negligence of NGOs and corruption within the United Nations. The economics of the twenty-first-century slave trade and the EU's bankrolling of Libyan militias. The trials of people smugglers, the frustrations of aid workers, the loopholes refugees seek out and the role of social media in crowdfunding ransoms.

Who was accountable for the abuse? Where were the people finding solutions? Why wasn't it being widely reported?

At its heart, this is a book about people who have made unimaginable choices, risking everything to survive in a system that wants them to be silent and disappear.

Though there has rightly been an outpouring of support for Ukrainian refugees recently, the public clamour is at odds with Westminster's own policies, and decades of stripping back provisions for refugees - the headlines cannot hide that the Western world turned its back on refugees, fuelling one of the most devastating human rights disasters in history.

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