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Other Fruit: Sorrowland

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Other Fruit Returns! This time with friend-of-the-shop Grey (they/them) hosting from sunny Manchester. Come join us for an hour in a chill & welcoming environment, and don't worry if you aren't able to finish the book or don't feel like you have a definitive take!

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A triumphant, genre-bending novel, following a young woman through a nightmarish yet recognisable landscape as she attempts to create a new life for herself and her children. Vern, a hunted woman alone in the woods, gives birth to twins and raises them away from the influence of the outside world. But something is wrong - not with them, but with her own body.

It's changing, it's stronger, it's not normal. To understand her body's metamorphosis, Vern must investigate the secluded religious compound from which she fled and the violent history of dehumanisation, medical experimentation and genocide that produced it. In the course of reclaiming her own darkness, Vern learns that monsters aren't just individuals, but entire histories, systems and nations.

Rivers Solomon's Sorrowland is a memorable work of Gothic fiction that wrestles with the tangled history of racism in America and the marginalisation of society's undesirables. It is a searing, seminal book that marks the arrival of a bold, unignorable voice in American fiction.

This bookclub will take place online via Skype - we will email the link to the event on the day.

The Other Fruit Bookclub is run by Grey and centers queer books, authors and readers! All are welcome to attend and take part in our discussions, however we ask that if you do not identify at queer you approach the book club as an opportunity for listening and support and give precedence to others in discussion.

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