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Queer Footprints: An evening with Dan Glass

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Dan Glass

Ticket pre-sales have ended but do feel free to just rock up at 6.45 for a 7pm start!

Join Dan Glass for a walk in our queer elders' footprints, as we celebrate a new guide full of humour, joy, pathos and mischief.

Glass journeys through city streets to uncover the scandalous, hilarious and empowering events of London's queerstory. Follow in the footprints of veteran activists, such as those who marched in London's first Pride parade in 1972 or witnessed the 1999 bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho.

Accompanied by a chorus of voices of both iconic and unsung legends of the movement, readers can walk through parts of East, West, South and North London, dipping into beautifully illustrated maps and extraordinary tales of LGBTQIA+ solidarity, protest and pride. The shadows of gentrification, policing, homophobia and racism are time and again resisted.

From the Brixton Fairies to Notting Hill Carnival to world-changing protests in Trafalgar Square, Rebel Dykes to drag queen communes, Queer Footprints celebrates the hidden histories of struggle and joy. Including an accessibility guide and a list of these gems for your pleasure - queer spaces, clubs, networks and resources galore.

And who is our guide and host for the evening? Well, the inimitable Dan Glass!

Glass is an AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) healthcare and human rights activist, performer, presenter and writer. Dan has been recognised as 'Activist of the Year' with the Sexual Freedom Awards and was announced a 'BBC Greater Londoner' for founding Queer Tours of London - A Mince Through Time. His book United Queerdom: From the Legends of the Gay Liberation Front to the Queers of Tomorrow was Observer book of the week. Dan recently founded self-defence empowerment programme Bender Defenders and Queer Night Pride to confront rising hate crime. Follow him @danglassmincer.

Dan will be joined in a Q+A with Siobhan Fahey who is a trailblazing award-winning independent film producer that includes celebrated ‘Rebel Dykes’ a rabble-rousing documentary set in 1980s post-punk London. The unheard story of a community of dykes who met doing art, music, politics and sex, and how they went on to change their world. Siobhan’s film ‘My Loneliness is Killing Me’ won a BAFTA Scotland. Siobhan also coordinates the ‘Rebel Queer Film Club’, find her there!

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