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Scotland After Britain

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Ben Wray, James Foley & Sara Bennett

What is Scottish independence for?

Since the referendum, Scottish independence has been captured by conservative forces. Scotland After Britain argues for fidelity to the true meaning of the word independence. It should mean not only a break from the failing British state, but also from the prison of free trade and militarism that has delivered successive crises. Most of all, independence must honestly address the huge injustices of income, wealth and power that continue to define Scottish society, by restoring agency to working class communities and voters. Where do we go from here?

To offer their answers to these questions and more, we welcome Ben Wray & James Foley, co-authors with the late, great Neil Davidson of Scotland After Britain. They will be chaired by Sara Bennett from Conter's editorial board.

This event is co-sponsored by the Neil Davidson Library Project, with the support of rs21Scotland and sfbbooks.

*Please note masks continue to be MANDATORY at all Lighthouse indoor events unless you are medically exempt.*

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