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Dr Samara Linton & Rianna Walcott, hosted by Tomiwa Folorunso

Starting just a couple minutes after 5!

S"The Colour of Madness leaves my heart simultaneously aching at what Black and Brown people are forced to survive under, and full because I lost count of how many times I saw myself on these pages" - Paula Akpan, author & journalist

The Colour of Madness is a groundbreaking collection of work that amplifies the voices of people of colour and their experiences with mental health. We were proud to launch the book's original incarnation back in 2018, and we're more honoured still to celebrate this new and updated edition.

Dr Samara Linton & Rianna Walcott have brought ever more voices into the fold, and a crafted a vital and timely tribute to all the lives that have been touched by medical inequalities and aims to disrupt the whitewashed narrative of mental health in the UK.

Statistics show that people from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds in the UK have not only experienced inadequate mental health treatment in comparison to their white counterparts, but are also more likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act. From micro-aggressions, inherent bias, religious/cultural influences and social stigma, people of colour are consistently fighting to be heard, believed, and offered help beyond the need for ticking off diversity boxes. These are the voices of those who have been ignored.

A compelling collection of memoir, essays, poetry, short fiction and artwork, this book will bring solace to those who have shared similar experiences, and provide a powerful insight into the everyday impact of racism for those looking to further understand and combat this injustice.

If the title seems familiar it is because this is the celebrated book that was pulled from shelves when editors Dr Samara Linton and Rianna Walcott discovered their first publisher was linked to a far-right groups and ended their relationship with the press. The editors have since collaborated with a new publisher and present this updated edition complete with more contributions and powerful artwork.

This event will take place in the lighthouse' bookshop garden - please dress warmly!

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