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Giovanna Gioli & Hamish Kallin

In the symbolic year of 1984, thousands of anarchists from all over the world gathered in Venice to explore the future of their shared ideal. The collection Thinking As Anarchists brings together a series of influential papers from that moment, centred around the Italian anarchist journal Volontà and the international circle connected to it. Initially published from the early 1980s to the late 1990s, most of these papers have never appeared in English before. These interventions seek to reinvigorate the intellectual heart of the anarchist ideal. Together, they form a treasure trove of anti-authoritarian thinking on issues as diverse as authority, the state, utopia, freedom, patriarchy and how we might envisage an anarchist approach to economics. In our era of ecological catastrophe and resurgent fascism, it is more vital than ever that activists and academics see the importance of thinking as anarchists.

To explore Thinking As Anarchists we are joined by editors Giovanna Gioli & Hamish Kallin!

Our Speakers

Giovanna Gioli is a political philosopher and directs the BSc Global Development & Sustainability at Bath Spa University. Her research contributes to the political ecology of adaptation to climate change, with a focus on South Asia (in particular Pakistan, Nepal, India, and Bhutan), where she has worked and conducted research for over 10 years.

Hamish Kallin is a geographer based at the University of Edinburgh, where he teaches about urban inequalities, housing, and capitalism. He has published on gentrification, stigmatisation, rent controls, debt, and anarchism.

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