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What Now? A Marbles Magazine Celebration

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Marbles is an indie print magazine exploring, dissecting and exploding the stigma of mental health. Marbles "What Now?" issue launches with an exploration of Mental Health and Imagination.

We will be in conversation with speculative fiction and Gothic horror author Kat Watt and founder of Haunt Publishing Rebecca Wojturska about the ways fantasy and horror can help us with our mental health.

Featuring cake, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, writing inspiration and spectacular chat.

More about Marbles: They’re interested in looking at the people behind the diagnoses and giving those living with mental health issues a chance to dig into their own stories and lay them bare without shame. One in three people will experience a mental health problem each year and they want to hear their stories, promote their voices, and celebrate their existence.

Marbles features personal essays, think pieces, reportage, slow journalism and op eds about all things related to mental health - we're thrilled to have them back in the bookshop to celebrate the magazine's birthday and their new What Now edition!

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