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Women in Translation: No Edges

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The Women In Translation reading group provides a free, friendly and gentle environment in which opinions are shared and new appreciations can be discovered. A place for curious minds and relaxed conversation hosted by poet and translator Annie Rutherford. The book club still meets online.

Our July meeting of Women In Translation will be discussing the Swahili short story anthology No Edges, published by Tilted Axis and featuring the work of multiple authors and translators.

The first collection of Swahili fiction in English translation, No Edges introduces eight East African writers from Tanzania and Kenya as they share tales of sorcerers, Nairobi junkyards, cross-country bus rides, and spaceships that blast prisoners into eternity. Here we’re encouraged to explore the chaos of life on a crowded Earth, as well as the otherworldly realms lying just beyond our reach. Through language bursting with rhythm and vivid Africanfuturist visions, these writers summon the boundless future into being.

Stories by: Fatma Shafii, Lusajo Mwaikenda Israel, Mwas Mahugu, Clara Momanyi, Fadhy Mtanga, Katama G. C. Mkangi, Lilian Mbaga and Euphrase Kezilahabi.

Translated by: Hassan Kassim, Richard Prins, Idza Luhumyo, Enock Matundura, Jay Boss Rubin, Uta Reuster-Jahn, Duncan Ian Tarrant

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