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Your Turn To Speak! Lady Red Ego + Blue Diode Poets

Featured Speakers

Lady Red Ego, Rebecca Kane, Medha Singh, Thomas Stewart

Lady Red Ego's debut poetry collection, Your Turn to Speak!, gathers classical lovers into a room and encourages them to speak one by one: Zeus, Hera, Patroclus, Achilles, Aphrodite and Medea take to the stage and forge their dramatic monologues, while Sappho broods and whispers fragmented asides from the front row of the stalls.

Together, they dissect the DNA of the love poem, in all its tragedy and comedy. Ultimately, we readers may begin to hear our own voices speak through the actors. Their masks reveal themselves as mirrors.

Lady Red Ego (previously published under April Hill) is a Chinese/British lesbian writer concerned with intimacies. She has been writing seriously since the age of 14, but was first noticed at the age of 18 by Queer Words Project Scotland when she won a mentorship through them with Rachel Plummer. Since then she has gone on to publish work in multiple acclaimed anthologies and magazines, and has also performed at Waterstones launches, SQIFF, Queer Theory, Glasgow Women’s Library, and Glasgow Autonomous Space. Her first pamphlet, The Red Ego, was published in 2019 with Wild Pressed Books and her second pamphlet, Natural Sugars, was published in 2020 by Broken Sleep Books. Her work has also featured in two videos on BBC The Social. She has starred as a guest reader for Nectar Poetry Magazine and for Gutter Magazine. Her debut collection, Your Turn to Speak!, is due to be released with Blue Diode Press in 2023.

Join us for a very special Poetry night with our friends from Blue Diode! Joining Lady Red Ego onstage for readings we'll also have: Rebecca Kane, Medha Singh, and Thomas Stewart!

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