About Us

What are we?

Lighthouse is a queer-owned and woman led independent community bookshop. We are an unapologetically activist, intersectional, feminist, antiracist, lgbtq+ community space. In 2020 we were nominated Scotland’s Best Independent Bookshop!

We celebrate diversity of thought and expression, championing voices from the margins.

We house 10,000 titles across most genres, from politics, history, fiction and travel writing to Children’s books, crafts and cookery. We are particularly passionate about radical, left wing and Scottish politics, intersectional feminism, revolutionary history, environmentalism, LGBT+ writing, poetry and translated fiction.

We are open 7 days a week and (pre-covid!) have a vibrant year-round program of events, with one or two events a week as well as our regular book groups. Our big calendar highlights are the two big festivals we run, the Book Fringe in August and the Radical Book Fair in November. Check out our Events page, or sign up to our newsletter for all the latest news.

The bookshop is OPEN to browsers again, though we have shorter hours (11-7 Monday to Saturday, instead of the usual 10-8) and we continue to pour our energies into a bookish digital Life Raft for our readers, and post out books from the shelves and our online shop!

Who are we?

We are an eclectic, slightly eccentric chosen family of bookish people, all of us passionate about making the world a fairer, better place. Meet our booksellers on our Team page.

Our Values

We are committed to playing our part in building a greener, fairer, kinder tomorrow.

In practice this means:
Fair pay & inclusive hiring, an engaged and evolving Safe Spaces Policy, a commitment to accessibility & sustainability and curation led by content, seeking out own voice narratives and diverse writing, so that our shelves and our sales reflect our values.

You can check our accessibility page HERE.

Our History

There has been a bookshop on West Nicolson Street for over 30 years – the Lighthouse is a new incarnation of the Word Power bookshop Elaine Henry opened here in 1994. We are still home to Word Power Books, an independent Scottish publisher, though we have put the publishing on hold to focus on the bookshop for now!