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9 books of queer joy chosen by Lily Lindon


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On Friday 6th October we welcome none other than the magnificent Lily Lindon to the shop! Lily's latest novel 'My Own Worst Enemy' is the utterly delightful emenies-to-lovers queer rom-com you need, so you can bring in the autumn the right way.

Here's Lily with some of her favourite books that express queer joy:

One of the best things about being a rom-com writer is that I get to create love stories on my own terms, and so I choose to make my fictional queer characters have lots and lots of fun. In My Own Worst Enemy, my leading ladies Emmy and Mae are rival actors who keep fighting for the same few productions casting a ‘short-haired lesbian’ – and try not to fall in love. I basically wrote it for the dopamine levels of my fellow drama (and/or dramatic) gays. It also includes witchy best friends, pet pigs, and a sexy stage-fight. Why the hell not?

In an attempt to narrow down the brilliant queer books out there, I've aimed at choosing those which provide a hit of gorgeous queer joy to the reader. Being gay is the best, and these books know it.

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