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A Feminist Reading List: Mara Keire Recommends


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Dr Mara Keire is a Senior Research Fellow at the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, and is writing her second book on the history of rape in 1900s New York. She has written about her experience as survivor of sexual assault here.

At the Silence WIll Not Protect Us Symposium, Dr Keire will be speaking on the following panel:'Navigating Silence(s): Personal and Political Histories of Harassment and Activism', She has generously made the following 'further reading' recommendations!

Alongside the terrific books below, she made the following suggestions, which are sadly not available through us (either out of print or rights restricted) but may be in your university or local library:

- Jessica Valenti and Jaclyn Friedman, Believe Me: How Trusting Women Can Change the World

-Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti, Yes Means Yes! Visions of Femal Sexual Power and a World without Rape

-Emilie Buchwald, Pamela Fletcher, Martha Roth, Transforming a Rape Culture

-Linda Hirschman, Reckoning: The Epic Battle AGainst Sexual Abuse and Harassment

-Danielle McGuire, At the Dark End of the Street

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