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As Many Sagas as There are Families


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The 'family saga' - what comes to mind? Generations with one surname in a small town or an extended family spread across geographies, with little knowledge of each other? Does a story have to be long to be a saga?

Our answer is, of course, that families come in endless forms and all their stories are relevant, exciting, endlessly full of truth, difficulty and wisdom.

These are some of our favourite stories about families - inherited and chosen families, found families, queer families, small families and huge ones, together and apart. There is the embracing of family and the questioning of what family and kinship mean for those dealing with historical trauma, for all our fears and hopes for the future.

Most of them are novels, but we also couldn't help but include a couple of brilliant pieces of non-fiction, such as All Our Relations by Tanya Talaga, about Indigenous trauma and resistance.

Here's a celebration to every family's saga.

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