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Books That Will Help You Understand Autism Better


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We're delighted to share the following book list, inspired by Soumya Mishra's brilliant piece in Smashboard: "Fifteen Books That Will Help You Understand Autism Better"

"For the longest time, autism was represented as a white cis-gender man’s condition. That's slowly changing. Here's a list of books that present voices of those previously relegated to the margins."

Soumya Mishra (she/they) is an interdisciplinary feminist researcher, writer, and a development sector professional, the full piece is HERE, including several books that are not available through UK publishers!

Smashboard is "your digital ally to smash patriarchy! A non-profit based in India and France, we are building an alternative social media network based on the principles of intersectional feminism. A digital platform to connect people and experts, Smashboard is a space where we engage to seek and/or offer support and resources." We've only just discovered it and we love it already!

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