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Cabaret Against Hate Speech: Protesting the vile 'Adult Human Female' screening


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We do not have to tolerate intolerance - in fact we have a duty to resist it. History has shown time and again that legitimising hate speech only entrenches dehumanising ideas in wider society (for more insight on this in a contemporary setting we recommend Drums In The Distance and Going Dark)

For several years now we , and many others, have pointed to the rise of anti-trans and transphobic politics as an expression of the far right and part of a wider attack on bodily autonomy.

Long before Posy Parker appeared alongside *literal nazis* in Australia, many were warning of this connection: journalists like Shon Faye were writing books about it, Sian Norris was waving warning flags in Byline Times and LGBTQ+ groups like Stonewall were raising the alarm.

Hate speech will always try to hide behind 'free speech' - and this is patently obvious in the work of Edinburgh Academics for Academic Freedom (EAFAF). On wednesday next week, EAFAF are screening the transphobic film Adult Human Female, which is rife with misleading, inflamatory and one sided discussion of trans people.

We will be joining our comrades and allies at Edinburgh's Staff Pride Network and Cabaret Against the Hate Speech in protesting the screening with song, saying loud and clear their bigotry is not welcome here.

We share the sentiments of their statement HERE.

Please do join us, gathering from 5pm in George Square, for a rally that runs 6-7pm.

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