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‘The train journey up wis uneventful; jist the wey ah wanted it. Some Fall tapes oan the Walkman, four cans ay lager n ma H.P. Lovecraft book. Nazi ****, auld H.P., but he kin spin a good yarn.’

-Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting

Horror based on a mythology of eldritch, sanity-blasting entities popularised by HP Lovecraft. So much of modern horror is informed by his work that we’ve decided to keep it in stock, but I would hasten to point out the fantastic recent work such as Victor Lavalle's The Ballad of Black Tom, Lucy Snyder's While The Black Stars Burn and Ada Hoffman's The Outside in reclaiming this domain of epic-scale horror for Black, queer & marginalised folks. I included Kai Chem Thom's Fierce Femmes, despite not being a horror story, for the fantastically creepy cosmic horror influences in the worldbuilding.

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