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Entangled and binary-free: books reflecting queer ecologies


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"What does it mean to function as a group in a changing environment? How can we organize ourselves intentionally to combat the imbedded isolation of late capitalism? It seems like the dolphins (and out other interloping sharks...the manta rays) have something to tell us."

Alexis Pauline Gumbs

In order to tell a story of the world different enough to survive it, we must break free of all kinds of binaries - we must look to the fringes of capitalism and patriarchy to the places where entanglement blooms and resists, where difference and fluidity nourish us. And we must celebrate the fact that our queerness is everywhere around us - that we belong to nature's queerness too.

Although queer ecology, named as such, still remains a subject at the fringes of publishing, it is everywhere in stories, poetry and the work of the most bold thinkers. These are books, across forms, that embody it.

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Unnatural Passions?: Notes toward a Queer Ecology by Catriona Mortimer-Sandilands

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