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Girl Online: a feminist fortnight event


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Feminist Book Fortnight is back, gloriously, after a two-year gap, rolling out a feast of feminist literary events around the UK between 14th and 28th May.

At the Lighthouse we're diving deep into feminism and cyber politics as we welcome the inimitable Joanna Walsh to launch Girl Online in the shop on May 25th.

Told via the arresting personal narrative of one woman negotiating the (cyber)space between her identities as girl, mother, writer, and commodified online persona, here is an explosively inventive and insightful book - written in a plethora of the online styles, from programming language to the blog/diary, from tweets to lyric prose, taking in selfies, social media, celebrity and Cyberfeminism.

We're stoked to say the least!

As preparation, these are some of our favourite books dealing with the experience of being a woman in digital worlds.

Join us on May 25th for an exciting evening making sense of it all with a truly ingenious, multidisciplinary artist. Tickets HERE!

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