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Myths, water and queerness: If you liked these books, you'll love these films


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What are you doing on the evening of Tuesday April 16th? May we suggest a film night that's so much more than a film night?

Join us at the Assembly Roxy as we team up with Queer Film Night for an evening of film screenings, discussion and performance, all exploring the relationships between humans and non-human creatures, in water and on land, with a strong Indigenous focus.

Through the six short films you'll encounter a child who regains his eyesight with the help of a bird, an island warrior in an underwater world, a vengeful selkie and more. From Feroese folklore to Haida art and Naji believes, these stories spring from rich traditions to find points of interconnections, belonging and wonder.

To set the atmosphere, we've taken a stroll through the shop, gathering up books which we think share something of the spirit, aesthetics and themes of the films. If you've liked any of these books, we can assure you that these films are for you, and hope you'll take the opportunity to see them with us!

Tickets for our Sea of Stories night are HERE.

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