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"We feel blood coming and going/ says my guide   in roots/ that ruins cover"

from 'The Land' by Jason Allen-Paisant

Our place in different landscapes, the ties between us and the non-human world, and how these connections are viewed, controlled or depicted, are all framed by structural oppression and bias. So called nature writing remains dominated by white, often male, writers.

For this reason, it's all the more important to remember that writing about non-human nature, environment and climate, is as complex an eco-system as any. Although some voices may be platformed more than others, there are many others doing the beautiful and difficult work of questioning and connecting. Writers of colour have long challenged confining models for what it means to write 'about' nature, bringing interdependence and resistance to the fore.

These are only a few of our favourite writers who excel at this - a place to start.

For new, exciting and diverse writing about nature, we also recommend that you follow the Nan Shepherd Prize, a biennial literary prize for underrepesented voices in nature writing.

We've just announced our new nature in Colour reading group! It meets for the first time on June 6th: check it out and sign up HERE.

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