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Peach's top reads of 2023


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Explore the team’s favourite books of 2023! Choosing three from an entire year is a challenge and more recent reads tend to obscure what you read in February. Still, there are those that stay with you through the months. Why three? Because it's more than one but less than a list...

Now it's Peach's turn to gush about their 2023 highlights:

Mad World by Micha Frazer-Carroll: This was such a gloriously affirming book. This book genuinely changed the way I look at myself within a larger political context; too often has mental health been relegated to the 'personal', to be dealt with alone. This book challenges that, and it does it so well.

You can watch our Radical Book Fair panel with Micha HERE.

Deeping It: Colonialism, Culture & Criminalisation of UK Drill by Adele Oliver: - 404's Inklings are always such a joy -  pocket sized books of utter brilliance. This one was a truly needed mini essay on drill, colonial legacies, the policing of Black communities. There's always time to deep it.

Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell: This was written so tantalisingly, I genuinely found it hard to put down. This book is seriously witty, and an in-depth look at linguistics written in a fun way is EXACTLY what we all need. After all, this is how we communicate, how we decide who gets to know what about us. A truly novel way of looking at and understanding cults, their draw and their trap.

(as you can tell i am a nonfic girlie, although i DID read a great fiction book and was going to include it but we didn't have a copy for the photo).

Watch out for the rest of the team favourites, coming in the next few days on the website!

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