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Stories of what could be with Laura Jean McKay


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With the extraordinary, fresh and visionary The Animals in That Country, Laura Jean McKay won the Arthur C Clarke Award in 2021. Now she's back with Gunflower - a collection of short stories in which the author's ability to throw a 'what if' into the air, and catch every thrilling detail on the way down, really shines from the page.

What's more, Australian Laura Jean will be visiting Edinburgh on October 20th and we're so excited to be hosting an evening of imagination, politics and where they stretch the boundaries of realism.

Short stories can often offer a unique vehicle for exploring kernel of ideas - those questions about what the world could be if only a few things were different. In celebration of Laura's visit, we've put together a wee list of speculative short stories we love.

Get your tickets for our evening of Gunflower HERE.

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