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Behold a wonderful beast: the anthology!

Sometimes, it's a multiplicity of voices that we need. We might want to check out a genre of writing we're not familiar with, and sample something of the variety within. The format of dozens of authors in one book also lends itself to exploring everything from a place (see the Comma Press city anthologies, such as The Book of Gaza ) to shared and diverging experiences (see, for example, The Colour of Madness and Tales of Two Planets). events or historical moments (see Twenty-Eight). Anthologies can, above all, be crucial in platforming underrepresented and lesser known authors in an industry that tends to focus on big names.

Lastly, there's the anthology as a collaboration - the result of one creative mind reacting to another.

On April 25th. we celebrate the arrival of one such collective endeavour. Responders of Colour brings together Women and Nonbinary People of Colour to share creative responses to depictions of Girls and Women of Colour in the Girls’ Annuals archive at Glasgow Women’s Library. The resulting volume presents some of the writing created on this journey and offers space for readers to create their own responses, too. It is a sharing, and a testimony.

More info and tickets HERE.

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