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What We've Been Reading: Feb 2024


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Welcome! You've reached the place where we, on a monthly basis, gather up what the Lighthouse team are currently reading. You can check out round-ups from previous months amongst our Read Think Act posts.

February brings queer love from the ancient world, a whimsical novela and much else!


I’ve been listening to 300,000 Kisses which is peppered with plenty spice but also features a variety of queer yearning, confusion, devotion, and (unfortunately) abuse in this collection of ancient Greco-Roman literature extracts. The art is gorgeous in the print version too! You can listen to the book while supporting Lighthouse HERE


i just finished The Salt Eaters by Toni Cade Bambara, would recommend for anyone who believes healing is an action not just an intention, really beautiful poetic narrative and told from the perspective of a group of black activists trying not to burn out.


System Collapse by Martha Wells - Murderbot is back and by god the humans just won't stop making it's life way too complicated. I love this bot. I love its friends.


Harlequin Butterfly by Toh EnJoe - This short tale of a mystery author who can write books in any language is a surreal and whimsical novella for fans of Calvino and Borges. It's also a playful celebration of translated literature in all its myriad forms.


Praiseworthy by Alexis Wright - A book that urges you to trust it completely and then flies with you. To read it is to ask some of the ultimate questions of this time, about heritage, land, whiteness, home and the future. It's left me with scenes that feel mythical in their scope and relentless in their critique, and which aren't going anywhere.


Teaching Community by bell hooks and Class Rules : the Truth about Scottish Schools by James McEnaney


This Love is a gorgeous debut of queer family making - a tender, complex portrayal of young adulthood that presented polyamory and platonic love in refreshing, powerful new ways.

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