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Confessions of a Born-Again Pagan

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In this passionate and searching book, Anthony Kronman offers a third way-beyond atheism and religion-to the God of the modern world

"An astonishing,
epically ambitious book... An intellectual adventure story based on the notion that ideas drive history, and that to dedicate yourself to them is to live a bigger, more intense life."-David Broks, New York Times

We live in an age of disenchantment. The number of self-profoessed "atheists" continues to grow.

Yet many still feel an intense spiritual longing for a connection to what Aristotle called the "eternal and divine." For those who do, but demand a God that is compatible with their modern ideals, a new theology is required. This is what Anthony Kronman offers here, in a book that leads its readers away from the inscrutable Creator of the Abrahamic religions toward a God whose inexhaustible and everlasting presence is that of the world itself. Kronman defends an ancient conception of God, deepened and transformed by Christian belief-the born-again paganism on which modern science, art, and politics all vitally depend.

Brilliantly surveying centuries of Western thought-from Plato to Augustine, Aquinas, and Kant, from Spinoza to Nietzsche, Darwin, and Freud-Kronman recovers and reclaims the God we need today.
Published 10/11/2020 in United States
Paperback | 1176 pages