The Clearing : A memoir of art, family and mental health-9781408711958

The Clearing : A memoir of art, family and mental health

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‘I was utterly transported by Samantha’s gentle wisdom and warmth and resilience, as she wove reflections on family and art together in this stunning memoir.’ - Mairi, Lighthouse bookseller

‘Samantha Clark writes on the subtle edge of words and thought. She renders the world within and the world of ideas with electric sensitivity and acute intelligence’ - Jay Griffiths

This house has been a regular presence in my life for as long as I can remember. My heart has sunk a little every time I walk in ...

Samantha Clark enjoyed a busy career as an artist before returning home to Glasgow to take care of the house that her parents had left behind. Moving from room to room, sifting through the clutter of belongings, reflecting on her mother's long, sedated years of mental illness and her father's retreat to the world of amateur radio and model planes, Samantha began to contemplate her inheritance.

A need for creativity and a desire for solitude had sprung up from a childhood shaped by anxiety and confusion. Weaving in the works and lives of others, including celebrated painter Agnes Martin and scientist of dark matter Vera Rubin, The Clearing is a powerful account of what we must do with the things we cannot know. 


Published 03/03/2020 (Little, Brown) in United Kingdom
Hardback | 208 pages