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Are Black Men Doomed?

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Life for too many African American men is a battle with extreme disadvantage, a fight for survival, and a struggle for dignity in a society which labels them a "problem." For more than thirty years, most of the effort put toward addressing the crisis of black men has centered on what they must do to improve their condition. Without neglecting that perspective, Are Black Men Doomed? radically shifts the focus. This urgent intervention explores how a damning portrait of Black men as incorrigibly pernicious has been built and persists, and how the voice of these men themselves has been ignored.

It astutely argues that improving prospects for Black men requires that society fully come to terms with the narrow and incomplete vision it has sustained about these men. It then shows us the means to hear, understand, and value them, offering a new vision rooted in reinterpretation and redemption.

Published 15/12/2017 in United Kingdom as part of the Debating Race series
Paperback | 140 pages