Amexica : War Along the Borderline-9781529113662

Amexica : War Along the Borderline

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Between the interiors of the USA and Mexico lies a borderland: Amexica. A terrain astride the world's busiest frontier, teeming with migrants, factory workers, narcos, tourists, heroines and heroes, ranchers and rogues. A border both porous and harsh, criss-crossed by a million people every day.

A warzone, where a grotesque pastiche of the globalised economy plays out in a tragedy of unfathomable violence as drug cartels and state forces face off. Amexica is a journey through the cartels' reach into the borderland's daily life: through migrant camps, drug-smuggling 'plazas', rehab centres, sweatshop factories and the mass-murder of women. Updated with new material ten years on it paints an essential portrait of a country under siege - and testament to people who carry on regardless.

Published 17/09/2020 (Vintage) in United Kingdom
Paperback | 512 pages