The Consolation of Nature : Spring in the Time of Coronavirus-9781529349153

The Consolation of Nature : Spring in the Time of Coronavirus

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'What joy! . . .There's acute and beautiful observation on every page, thrown into exquisite relief by the poignancy of the circumstances.'-Isabella Tree

'A powerful and moving reflection on the solace brought by nature and its power as a balm for stressed-out lives.'-Caroline Lucas, Green MP

Three nature writers, living like everyone else under lockdown, but walking out each day to exercise, resolved to record their experiences of the coronavirus spring, in widely contrasting parts of the country. They did so to share with others their sense of the wonder, inspiration and delight the natural world can offer, and The Consolation of Nature is the enthralling account of what they discovered by literally walking out from their front doors.

Published 15/10/2020 (Hodder Studio) in United Kingdom
Hardback | 240 pages