Why Work? : Arguments for the Leisure Society-9781629635767

Why Work? : Arguments for the Leisure Society

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Why Work? is a provocative collection of essays and illustrations by writers and artists from the nineteenth century through to today, dissecting 'work,' its form under capitalism, and the possibilities for an alternative society. It poses the question: why do some of us still work until we drop in an age of vast automated production, while others starve for lack of work? Where is the leisure society that was promised? Edited by Freedom Press, this collection includes contributions from luminaries of the past such as William Morris and Bertrand Russell, contemporary theorists such as David Graeber and Juliet Schor, and illustrated examinations of workplace potentials and pitfalls from Clifford Harper and Prole.info.

Published 29/11/2018 in United States
Paperback | 224 pages