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Feminism Backwards

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Feminism Backwards is part memoir, part documentary. A founding member ofthe Irish Women's Liberation Movement (IWLM) Rosita Sweetman here gleefullyrecalls the triumphs - and the tribulations - of trying to drag a reluctant Irelandinto the 20th Century, crucially, re-appraising Chains or Change the IWLM'sfamous pamphlet, detailing what life was like for women in 1970s Ireland - appalling. Feminism Backwards is also a howl of despair at how women have been treatedworldwide down through the centuries, and how misogyny and sexualrepression got such a stranglehold on Ireland.

Having a survived a marriage break up Rosita re-found her feminismsadly buried, along with her chutzpah. She passionately believes feminism is notabout blaming men, or pushing a few women to the top so they can be 'she-men'for the patriarchy. It's about creating a world fit for everyone.

Published 31/07/2020 in Ireland
Paperback | 288 pages