The Finance Curse : How global finance is making us all poorer-9781784705046

The Finance Curse : How global finance is making us all poorer

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This is a book that none of us can afford to ignore - an agenda-setting, campaigning investigation that shows how global finance works for the few and not the many.
'Essential reading' YANIS VAROUFAKIS

We need finance - but when finance grows too big it becomes a curse. The City of London is the single biggest drain on our resources, sucking talent out of every sphere, siphoning wealth and hoovering up government time.

Yet to be 'competitive', we're told we must turn a blind eye to money laundering and appease big business with tax cuts. Tracing the curse back through economic history, Nicholas Shaxson uncovers how we got to this point. Moving from offshore tax havens to the bizarre industry of wealth management, he tells the explosive story of how finance established a stranglehold on society - and reveals how we can begin to break free.

'A radical, urgent and important manifesto for improving our country' Oliver Bullough
Superbly written... A must-read' Misha Glenny, author of McMafia

Published 10/10/2019 (Vintage) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 384 pages