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Tonight is Already Tomorrow

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The tragic history of mid-century Europe told through the lives of ordinary people1938. Thirty-two countries convene to decide how to deal with the influx of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and Austria. Good intentions abound, but no government is willing to accept the refugees.

At the same time, Fascist Italy is introducing its infamous racial laws. In this new, stirring novel Lia Levi portrays Italy's tragic past through the story of a Jewish family, plagued by doubts, passions, weaknesses, impulses, and betrayals. Set in Genoa in the years of the racial laws, the novel follows a would-be genius son, a disappointed, regretful mother, a wise but irresolute father, an eccentric grandfather, nosy uncles, cousins who are always coming and going.

How do individuals face the darkest periods of history? Will anyone rebel against the spread of violence and discrimination? Will anyone welcome them if this family flees certain persecution? A harrowing story that resonates with special urgency in our time.
Published 18/02/2021 in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 224 pages