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Rosa Luxemburg

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As an economist and political theorist Rosa Luxemburg's work still resonates powerfully today. Born in Poland in 1871 she became a revolutionary leader in Berlin, co-founding the anti-war Spartacus League and publishing works including Reform or Revolution and The Accumulation of Capital. In this account of her extraordinary life, Dana Mills examines Luxemburg's key and lesser-known works, and quotes from her letters to reveal a woman who was loving in personal relationships and fierce in professional battles.

Luxemburg, who lived in grossly unequal times, fought for emancipation for all. What is her legacy today, a hundred years after her assassination in Berlin in 1919 at the age of 47? Luxemburg's emphasis on humanity and insistence on revolution gave coherence, as this compelling biography illustrates, to a fraught life story and a colossal economic and political legacy.

Published 10/08/2020 in United Kingdom as part of the Critical Lives series
Paperback | 224 pages, 30 illustrations