The Wild Remedy : How Nature Mends Us - A Diary-9781789290424

The Wild Remedy : How Nature Mends Us - A Diary

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mma Mitchell's richly illustrated and evocative diary records her nature finds over the course of a year and shows how being in the wild benefits our mental and physical wellbeing.
'This is a beautiful, beautiful book, I can't recommend it enough.' Sue Perkins
'Profound, inspiring and exquisite.' Emma Freud
'Precise, gorgeous and inspiring.' Amy Liptrot

Emma Mitchell has suffered with depression - or as she calls it, 'the grey slug' - for twenty-five years. In 2003, she moved from the city to the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens and began to take walks in the countryside around her new home, photographing, collecting and drawing as she went.

In Emma's hand-illustrated diary, she takes us with her as she follows the local paths and trails, sharing her nature finds over the course of a year. Reflecting on how these encounters impact her mood, Emma's candid account of her own struggles is a powerful testament to how reconnecting with nature can be as medicinal as any talking therapy or pharmaceutical. Written with Emma's characteristic wit and frankness, and filled with her beautiful drawings, paintings and photography, this is a truly unique book for anyone who has ever felt drawn to nature and wondered about its influence over us.

Published 27/12/2018 in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 192 pages, approx. 40 colour photos and 100 colour illustrations throughout