The New Abject : Tales of Modern Unease : 3-9781905583591

The New Abject : Tales of Modern Unease

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Something has fallen away. We have lost something of ourselves, our history, what we once were. That something, if we are to face it, look it squarely in the eyes, terrifies us, makes us wretched. This is the horror of the abject. Following the success of Comma's award-winning New Uncanny anthology - which asked fiction writers to create new stories updating our understanding of Freud's 'unheimlich' - The New Abject asks leading authors to produce new stories of modern unease that respond to that other psychoanalytic theory of horror: Julia Kristeva's theory of the abject.

Edited by Sarah Eyre & Ra Page

Published 01/10/2020 in United Kingdom as part of the Comma Modern Horror series
Paperback | 304 pages