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Complete and Utter Cult

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Stand-up poet, comedian and walking shortbread tin Elvis McGonagall returns with Complete and Utter Cult! the follow-up to 2017's "Viva Loch Lomond!". This new collection of satirical verse captures Elvis' ongoing futile exasperation at the dismal trajectory of our post-truth world as it trundles along the primrose path to Beelzebub's bottomless pit. Fake news and COVID-19.

Organic novichok and Piers Morgan. Yes, the good ship lollipop is sailing down the shitter. Climb aboard with Elvis as he bellows into the void of our diseased, burning planet and we all drift towards a giant melting iceberg.

"Complete and Utter Cult!" tackles everything from the pernicious effects of the patriarchy to disappearing rainforests via Brexit milkshakes and a pandemic. Yes, all the feel-good hits are here, fully annotated with the innermost thoughts from the canyons of Elvis' mind as he banged away on his typewriter at The Graceland Caravan Park. And there's a love poem.

Published 22/10/2020 in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 100 pages, page to page illustrations